ecuadorEcuador is located in South America in the middle of the world, in an area of 270 000 square kilometres.  It is a country with 14 million inhabitants living in harmony in four natural regions: Coast, Mountains, East and Galapagos.

 Four worlds in the same location, so close that invite us to discover the natural beauty, the cultural diversity and now… a project of State aimed at academic and scientific transformation, and to consolidate a new economic and productive model.

With a growth model based on the change of the productive matrix, Ecuador currently records the largest public investment in infrastructure, higher education and innovation in its history.

It is important to know that Ecuador projects to the world with a renewed port infrastructure, a network of airports and highways totalling 9 500 kilometres of roads, eight hydroelectric plants are built in throughout the territory and more than 35 000 km of networks for data transmission and circulation of information.

And fundamentally, the revolution in public policies to strengthen human talent by ensuring access to a quality education and the growth of the economy in the long term based on unlimited resources as “knowledge” in underway.

Strengthening higher education

Government policies seek to ensure the right to education on the basis of: quality, excellence, equity, and efficiency.

Several achievements at the national level are:

  1. Approval of the Organic Law of Higher Education.
  2. Gratuity, which guarantees the right to higher education as a “social public good”.
  3. End of academic fraud: closure of universities that did not meet minimum standards of quality.
  4. Social and academia rescue, guaranteeing the continuity of studies.
  5. Recognition of student excellence (GAR).
  6. More than 8 000 Ecuadorians with scholarships at the best universities of the world
  7. Increase of human talent for productive research.
  8. Financing of programmes and projects focused on the change of the productive matrix.
  9. Incorporation of international human talent with the Prometheus Project.
  10. Construction of Yachay, City of Knowledge.