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René Ramírez Gallegos: President of the CAIE-Ecuador 2015

René Ramírez OFICIALRené Ramírez Gallegos, Secretary of Higher Education of Ecuador, is the President of the Conference of the Americas on International Education (CAIE-Ecuador 2015), to be held in Quito on October 20th through October 22nd, 2015.

The official is a recognized expert on Economics. He possesses degrees on Government and Public Policies, Development Economics and Quantitative Methodology. The president of CAIE-Ecuador 2015 has also collaborated in national and international institutions of Higher Education.

The decision maker also performs as the President of YACHAY’s directive board. The Public Company co-organizes the event, along with the CAIE’s Executive Secretariat, which runs under the rule of the Inter-American Organisation for Higher Education (IOHE) and the 21 associations that make part of this initiative.

His strategic vision will be, undoubtedly, a key element on the consolidation of CAIE, in general, and during this preparative stage.


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Reporting to the Steering Committee, the National Committee is comprised of representatives from institutions and organizations of the Conference host country. Its members are:


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General Manager, Yachay E.P.

Hector Rodríguez

Technical Manager, Yachay E.P.

Fernando Cornejo

Director of International Relations, Yachay E.P.





Ana Patricia Lozada

International Relations Analist, Yachay E.P.





Alexis Santiago Haro

International Relations Analist, Yachay E.P.

Maria Fernanda Endara Rojas





Maria Fernanda Endara