The CAIE NETWORKING, in its thematic manner, was established with the aim of promoting a mechanism that encourages exchanges between participants of CAIE-ECUADOR 2015 with a perspective that is interdisciplinary, innovative, intercultural and inter-American.


In order to attain said goal, 10 work tables were set up surrounding the themes which will be addressed at this important event and which will revolve around the larger theme of “Internationalization of Innovation, Science and Technology: the Construction of an Inter-American agenda. These will, in turn, be coordinated by certain Associations who are Signatories of the CAIE Memorandum, as well as by other recognized institutions and higher education organizations

1. Internationalization of Innovation, Science and Technology
2. Research: Applied Perspectives for Innovation
3. Environments of Innovation: Cities of Knowledge, Technological Parks, Neighbourhoods of Innovation, etc.
4. Doctoral training related to Research, Science and Technology to Innovation
5. Models, paradigms, good practices and indicators of higher education internationalization
6. The Internationalization of Higher Education as a Traversal Axis
7. Internationalization at Home
8. Internationalization of the Curriculum
9. Training of Internationalization Administrators
10. Accreditation


THEMED NETWORKING sessions will be offered from October 21st to 22nd between 4:30 and 6:00 pm during CAIE. It will be divided into two 45-minute segments. In order to encourage networking, participants will change themes after the first segment and move onto a different table of exchange.