Knowledge, Infinite Resource of a New Growing Model

Yachay, the City of Knowledge is designed for technological innovation and intensive business knowledge, combining the best ideas, human talent and top infrastructure, to generate worldwide scientific applications.  It is built on 46 000 square meters, in the province of Imbabura at the northern region of Ecuador.

Yachay isyachay_cont connected to a modern road network and close to the airport of Quito. It is a planned city which will integrate four sectors of development. One of them is the Knowledge Sector where Universidad Yachay Tech and public research institutes are located, next to modules specialized in business and industrial trade as well as tourist facilities.

The first phase of the campus welcomes young people from across the countries, who live on site and are educated in time full with renowned professors and scientists from around the world.

Yachay is geared to generate human talent, knowledge and opportunities that contribute to the well being.