The Inter-American Award was first presented by CAIE in 2012. Since that moment, it has held a symbolic importance for the Conference, its member organizations, and the inter-American community of Higher Education.
The objective of this prestigious award is to celebrate achievements made by renowned individuals from this sector that have proven themselves through their support of Higher Education, through their involvement in international activities in an American context, and through their contribution to building cultural links between different nations of the Americas. This distinction also pays tribute to the work done by these individuals to improve the wellbeing and lifestyles of the peoples of the Americas.
The CAEI wishes to bestow this award biennially, in each edition of the Conference, and seeks to maintain a geographical diversification among the winners in order to encourage different nations from the Americas to participate.
2017 – Roberta L. Jamieson
Roberta L. Jamieson has devoted her career to upholding the rights of the First Nations Canada through applying education as a tool for social advancement. Named as one of “Canada’s Most Powerful Women”, Roberta L. Jamieson has always been a pioneering Indigenous woman of great accomplishment. Jamieson was the first Indigenous woman ever to earn a law degree in Canada as well as the first woman to be appointed Ombudsman for Ontario. She was elected as Grand Chief of the Six Nations of the Grand River, was the first non-Parliamentarian member appointed to a House of Commons committee, and was recently promoted to an officer of the Order of Canada – and, on this occasion, again as a pioneering Indigenous Canadian woman, she will be receiving the Inter-American Award.
2015 – Ignacio Ellacuría
Ignacio Ellacuría, philosopher, researcher, professor, and president of UNIVERSIDAD CENTROAMERICANA (UCA)“José Siméon Cañas” from 1979 until his death in 1989. Ellacuría supported higher education and sustained conceptual reflections that are related to the role of the university in improving the welfare and the living conditions of the people of the Americas.
2013 – Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Ex-President of Brazil, has remarkably contributed to the enhancement of higher education in his country. During his mandate, the number of universities, higher education institutions, and technical schools had increased in an unprecedented way.
2012 – Carlos Fuentes
Carlos Fuentes received the prize of the second edition of the CAIE. This renowned writer fought strongly for justice, solidarity, and the creation of development models that rescue both the history and the cultural roots in our hemisphere.