Due to the high number of proposals received, the Secretariat will only notify the identified contact person of the retained parallel sessions. For any inquiries past the notification deadline, please contact us through caei@oui-iohe.org.
Please note that the organizers of the CAIE Colombia 2019 are unable to offer financial support to parallel session speakers. All travel, accommodation and registration costs must be covered by the participants. The Secretariat is available to prepare confirmation letters (upon request) for any duly registered delegate taking part in a parallel session.
May 10, 2019 : Deadline for submission of proposals
June 28, 2019 : Approved parallel session speakers are notified
July 12, 2019 : Deadline to confirm participation in parallel sessions
July 19, 2019 :Selected and accepted sessions are posted on CAIE website
The Conference of the Americas on International Education (CAIE) is an essential forum for stakeholders in higher education that fosters fruitful dialogues and debates, directed at the advancement of the internationalization of higher education.
CAIE provides a unique opportunity for decision makers and professionals in the field of international education to exchange and examine current paradigms, emerging trends, shared challenges, alternative models and public policies related to this sector while prompting meaningful contacts and institutional collaboration.
The CAIE organizers invite you to submit parallel session proposals that inspire a thought-provoking conversation on any of the conference’s subthemes, either by suggesting new initiatives, establishing links to related current issues, trends, challenges or good practices. Proposals that engage speakers from varied academic, professional, and geographical backgrounds are particularly encouraged.
Conference Subthemes
The CAIE Colombia 2019 conference subthemes are:
  1. Research and Knowledge transfer: Innovation for Development
  2. Redesigning Higher Education: Learning for Innovation
  3. International Partnerships: Platform for Sustainability
  4. Social Synergies: Sustainability, Equity and Inclusion
To find out more about the conference subthemes, please click here.
  • Sessions should last 1h 15min with an additional
  • 15 minute Q&A / discussion period
  • Minimum of three speakers, where one may also act as a moderator or else, a panel of three speakers and a moderator without a presentation
It is possible to submit individual proposals. However, any proposal that does not account three confirmed (and duly registered) speakers may be merged with other approved proposals on a related topic.
The accepted proposals, including the merged parallel sessions, will be posted on our online program.
Speakers shall split the allotted time equally among the merged proposals (i.e. one session with two speakers and a second session with one speaker must be given equal time) and consider a 15-minute period for Q&A / discussion.
The organizing Committee advises all presenters to use their time to deliver their presentation and avoid including institutional information or corporate references that may distract from their intervention.
Relevance to the general theme
  • Does the proposal relate in a meaningful way to the main theme of the Congress and/or any of the identified subthemes?

Innovation and Originality
  • Is the proposal presenting a new perspective or insight on the chosen subject?
  • Is it reporting on ground-breaking programs?
  • Proposing innovative approaches?

Speakers / Panelists
  • Does the session bring together a panel of speakers from diverse academic/professional/geographical backgrounds?
  • Is there a clear rationale behind the choice of speakers and their participation in this session?

Speakers’ professional profiles and/or background
  • Are the speakers recognized authorities in their field?
  • In the case of graduate students, does the proposal offer new or relevant information related to internationalization or the Congress’ themes?
Please note that the organizers of the CAIE Colombia 2019 are unable to offer financial support to parallel session speakers. All travel, accommodation and registration costs must be covered by the participants.
The Secretariat is available to prepare confirmation letters (upon request) for any duly registered delegate taking part in a parallel session.
The proposals for parallel sessions must be sent through our online system. Please be sure to keep a copy of your proposal (e.g. in a separate Word –or other- file) before you input the information onto the online system!
You must provide the following information:
  • Name, position, and contact information of the session moderator
  • Name, position, and contact information of all session speakers
  • Title of the session (max. 15 words)
  • Session abstract (max. 150 words) General outline of the session, topic(s) that will be addressed and how they relate to the selected Conference subtheme
  • Proposal (max. 500 words) A detailed description of the session outlining the objectives, content, and audience for the presentation. State why the presentation is relevant to the audience and what the audience will take away from the session
  • Logistical and audio-visual requirements: Video projection equipment will be available in all Conference spaces. The Conference organizers will strive to adapt the session setting to the specifications given. However, the Committee cannot guarantee that all requirements will be met
  • Language of the presentation: Parallel sessions may be carried out, and proposals may be submitted, in any of the four official languages of the Conference: English, Spanish, French or Portuguese.
Please note that due to logistical constraints the Conference organizers cannot ensure simultaneous interpretation in every room, and even then, it may not necessarily be offered for all languages. The use of Spanish or English is thus strongly encouraged.
Please keep in mind and respect the word limitations (maximum 15 words for the title, 150 words for the abstract and 500 words for the proposal). Longer proposals will not be accepted by the online form.
Only complete proposals will be reviewed – proposals with an incomplete abstract will not be considered.
The session’s title and abstract may be posted on the Conference website and/or included in the printed program, either in their original or in a modified format.
The retained proposals will demonstrate an obvious correspondence to the identified conference subtheme and bring together a panel with diverse representation.
The session moderator will act as the main contact person and will be responsible for sharing all communications with fellow speakers. One of the identified speakers may act as the moderator.
Parallel session speakers should register as soon as possible to confirm their participation in the Conference. Please inform the Conference Secretariat if any of the registered speakers is unable to participate.
The presentations of accepted parallel sessions will be uploaded onto the CAIE website.
Sponsorship opportunities are available for those who wish to present programs, services or products that may be relevant to international education.
No parallel session proposal aimed at presenting services or products will be approved. Such matters should be addressed directly with the Secretariat.
How are the proposals reviewed?
The Conference’s Academic Committee is responsible for the evaluation of the proposals and for will make recommendations regarding the final selection to the Steering Committee Each proposal will be read by at least two evaluators.
Are parallel session speakers entitled to a discount on the registration fee?
No reductions on registration fees are available for parallel session speakers. We encourage you to complete your registration as soon as possible and thus benefit from the “early-bird” preferential registration rate.

One of my co-speakers is no longer able to attend the Conference. What should we do?
If one or more speakers cannot attend the Conference you should inform the Conference Secretariat as soon as possible. If said speaker(s) has already paid the registration fee, a different delegate may be named to replace him/her without additional charges. Please note that a parallel session that does not include three speakers may be merged with another approved proposal on a related topic.

My parallel session proposal does not include three speakers and has thus been merged with another proposal. How can we coordinate the two presentations? How will we divide the time available among the speakers?
The Conference Secretariat will get in touch with the identified contact person for each retained proposal and will establish communication with the contact persons of each merged proposal to allow for coordination and organization of the merged parallel session. Each proposal should be allocated an equal amount of time for presentation, regardless of the number of speakers involved.
We would like to remind you that the organizing Committee advises all speakers to use their time to deliver their presentation and avoid including institutional information or corporate references that may distract from their intervention.

One of my fellow speakers is coming to the Conference only to present his/her workshop/parallel session and will not be participating in any activities. Does he/she need to pay the registration fee?
All participants are required to pay the full registration fee which will be valid for the duration of the Conference.

With regards to audio-visual equipment, what can I expect from the room I will be presenting in?
All Conference rooms will be equipped with sound and video / PowerPoint projection equipment. The standard setting for an auditorium type arrangement comprises one panel table for the speakers and rows of chairs for the audience. The room may be arranged differently whenever possible and within the logistical restrictions provided by the Conference venue.

I will be using a PowerPoint presentation. Can I bring it in a USB key or should I bring my laptop?
Presenters do not need to bring laptops to the session as all rooms will be equipped with one. However, it is strongly suggested that all presenters also bring a backup copy of their presentations in a USB key.

I would like to distribute handouts during the session. Must I bring them to the Conference?
Although printing and photocopying facilities are available around the Conference venue, we recommend that you bring with you 80-100 copies of the documents you would like to share during your session.

Will I receive a certificate for my participation as speaker?
The Secretariat will produce certificates for registered speakers and will deliver them to the presentation room in time for the session. Important –
Please make sure that you include the names of all speakers taking part in the presentation, the name of their institution, and the (complete) title of the presentation.


Vous pouvez communiquer avec le Secrétariat du Congrès par courrier électronique: caei@oui-iohe.org ou par téléphone: (+1) 514-343-6980, pour toute question relative aux sessions parallèles.